Eye wash station, 500 ml

Eye wash station, 500 ml
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Mobile eye shower,
Ready in seconds to protect your eyes!
The quick, flexible and simple eye shower prevents further entry or adhesion of dirt or dust due to the sterile solution(0.9%saline solution).
saline solution) prevents dirt, dust particles and micro-organisms from getting into the eye.
particles and micro-organisms in the eye. The eye wash bottles are equipped with an ergono-
shaped eye cup, so that the eyelids remain open even during the rinsing process.
The eyelids remain open during the rinsing process and the rinsing liquid can reach the eye directly.
Unopened bottles have a shelf life of up to three years. No maintenance required.

Eye wash station, 500 ml
With 1 bottle and practical wall holder and application pictograms.
pictograms, rinsing time approx. 3 minutes.

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