Compact eye wash station 1/2 IG Eye wash station

Compact eye wash station 1/2 IG Eye wash station
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Compact eye wash station 1/2 IG

For connecting to existing outlets. With integrated BALLOFIX ballcock for regulating the jet, plus self-adhesive notice. With 2 shower heads (2 nozzles).

Eye wash bottles
Manual eye wash stations with locking release lever and shower head. Due to one-hand operation, one hand is free in case of an emergency. With 1.5 m silicon hose covered with stainless steel, integrated flow rate limitation and backflow prevention. Thanks to the 1.5 m tube, the hose can also be used on a reclined person.

Eye wash station:
Very easy to use eye wash station in he event of an emergency. When the eye wash station is opened via the large arm lever, flushing begins automatically, thus freeing the individual‘s hands so they can hold their eyelids open, for example. The eye wash station must be connected to a cold water line that supplies drinking water. The power of the water stream can be set via a ball valve when mounting.
• Extremely  wide  spray  heads  that  not  only  cover  both  eyes,  but  the  entire  face  (even those models with only one spray head) with a gentle water stream
• Supple rubber prevents eyes from being further injured if they come into contact with the molding
• Spray heads always remain clean, as cap seals automatically pop off during the wash cycle
• Station meets DIN EN 15154-2:2006
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